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Crayon Carpets Troll Who Told Him To Lose Weight Before Claiming To Be ‘Mavin’s Finest’



Crayon has silenced a Twitter troll, who asked him to lose weight after he announced himself as the finest in Mavin. The singer thought to goof around on the micro-blogging platformer, Twitter, announcing himself as the finest in Mavin. His statement did not sit quite well with a number of trolls.

Nonetheless, a particular troll’s comment struck a chord. The troll wrote:

“You fine no lie but you don dey too get weight ooo go hit the gym make you con dey show dem you packs ???”

Crayon silenced the troll by putting him in his place, adding that he lives his life and not the troll’s.

In Crayon’s words;

Yen yen yen ! If person lose weight now ! You go still open your gutter dey talk say hmm crayon you don slim Wetin happen!??? I no kuku dey live my life you and yours!!!

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