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Portable Brings Smiles to Streets with Food and Gifts



Portable is a controversial street-hop singer who has recently captured the hearts of many with his kind gesture to the less privileged. Despite the fame and notoriety that he has achieved since the beginning of his music career, Portable has made a wise decision to use his platform to give back to the underserved community

Recently, Portable took to his Instagram page and shared a video of himself and his team distributing food items to people in rural areas. This act of kindness came at a time when many Nigerians were struggling to make ends meet due to the prevailing economic constraints.

With this kind gesture, Portable has managed to turn around public opinion about himself. Before this, he was often seen as someone who was only interested in the lavish life; however, this time he showed his compassionate side. It seems that Portable is setting aside the luxurious lifestyle and focusing on the less privileged.

Portable captioned his post with his catchphrase, “Who go help you, no go stress you.”

“Zazuu stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make it happen who go help you, no go stress you. We meet everyone for a reason either they are a blessing or a lesson. Street ti take over wahala Ika of Afrika. the street problem, Idamu adugboyin. showing luv to the street,” he wrote.