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The Reasons Behind My Online Fights – Portable



Portable, a controversial Nigerian singer, is no stranger to quarrels. However, his reasoning for always stirring up conflicts has been revealed.

According to Portable, his reason for always engaging in quarrels online is to fight for what is rightfully his. In an interview with Timi Agbaje, he expressed that if he does not call people out or drag them online, they will take advantage of him, as they did when he first rose to stardom.

Portable’s journey to fame was not an easy one. After numerous struggles, he was finally signed by a major music label. Despite this feat, he continued to experience difficulties due to the naivety he initially displayed due to his lack of knowledge in the industry. As such, he was taken advantage of and almost ripped off his entire earnings. This experience left a sour taste in his mouth and further drove him to stand up for himself and fight for what is rightfully his.

Watch him speak below:

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