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The Big Package Behind the Tiny Voice: Simi’s Reflects on Motherhood and Marriage



Nigerian singer Simi has opened up on how people hear her tiny voice and assume she is sweet, when in reality she’s not.

Simi’s obvious relentless honesty made her open up to Youtuber Korty EO, about her music, motherhood and marriage.

Speaking on why she’s lasted so long in the industry and what she could have done differently, Simi said:

I was not the typical female artise. I think a lot of people could relate to that. Like oh, she’s just like the regular girl next door. I’m not trying to present as something that I’m not and I think people connected to that.

The only thing that I’d say that I wish I had done differently sometimes: maybe be less approachable. Access sometimes breeds insult. A lot of people hear my voice, because it’s so tiny, they think “aw, she’s so sweet”, I’m not. I’m not that sweet. I don’t like insults. I don’t like rubbish. Don’t think you can come and try me and I will leave that battle. Bro, I’m fucking you up!.”

Simi also spoke about the difficulties on being a mother especially how the music industry treats her differently from husband, fellow singer Adekunle Gold, Simi affirmed:

“I have more responsibilities. I have a child now. So it’s like I don’t have as much time to chill. I’m in the music industry and a lot of things that my work requires is me being able to live my life with reckless abandon.

To do things spontaneously, be places spontaneously, but like, I don’t have that luxury anymore, unlike her daddy. Your life is more expensive. Even flying with a child is not cheap. Somebody says “sheyb you’re now a mum”, so they wanna kind of pay less. Somebody wanted to pay me less because I was pregnant.

…The constantness. That it never ends. I knew how to be mummy, and I knew how to be working, but like I didn’t really know how to be me anymore. And a lot of me, is what is in my music. For people that want kids, it’s beautiful. I don’t think anybody should be under pressure to have kids cuz it’s like an unending responsibility. If you don’t want kids, just enjoy your life.

Simi added that the most beautiful about her marriage is that they keeping each other

I mean, that we keep choosing each other I guess. There are so many distractions, and the noise. I feel like the reason why I’m able to have done what I’ve done so far is because people have supported me.”