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Fans Go Wild as BNXN Cruises to Ruger’s Song in His Bentley



The Nigerian music scene is always abuzz with news of the latest hits, collaborations and chart-topping artists. Among them is the ever-polular BNXN and his age-long rivalry with fellow singer Ruger. The two often spar for superiority and this has not died down over the years.

However, fans were recently surprised at BNXN’s appreciation of music from Ruger’s camp. He recently shared a post on his Instagram account of him driving around in his Bentley, listening to Ruger’s ‘Asiwaju’. This came days after Ruger had made a statement about silencing his critics and naysayers with his soon-to-be-released project, seen by many as a subtle jab at BNXN

Nevertheless, BNXN set aside any ill-will between him and Ruger and appreciated his rival’s work by jamming to it.

Watch the clip:

official_moonboystanz; Buju was like rekado and lil Kesh, genius in different form, but aside from that Bentley buju has bro, ruga is globally recognize and is more talented in Nigeria kinda music, buju is a good lyricist but not a party kinda music jammer…Ruger knows the market and gives it what it needs …. So even buju knows that ruger is dope and drops hit

endylight1; As it should be. Music no get enemy