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Man Dedicates Birthday Poem to Portable in Emotional Video



A Nigerian man recently posted a video online in celebration of street-hop artist, Portable, to show appreciation for how the singer touched his life

The man, in his emotional testament, said that Portable changed his perspective on life and it was largely due to the artist’s music that he was the person he was today. The fan also wrote an impressive poem in honor of the Zeh Nation founder to mark his birthday on 12th of March 2023. He made it known that he hoped Habeeb Okikiola, Portable’s real name, knows the impact he has had on his life.

The inimitable success of Portable and other street-hop musicians has shown the world the power of music. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what genre of music you make; you can still have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. This Nigerian man’s story is proof that music has the potential to help both the artist and the fan.

Not to mention, the fact that Portable, a street-hop musician, was able to inspire and lift up the spirit of someone speaks volumes on how powerful music can be.

Watch the video below: