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Justin Bieber Enjoys Tems’ “Ice T” Track in Adorable Video



The Nigerian music industry has been steadily rising to international fame, with artist like Tems leading the way. Tems, in particular, has managed to capture the attention of the global music industry, including pop superstar Justin Bieber

Recently, Bieber uploaded a video to his Instastory showing him reacting to Tems’ Ice T track off her debut album, For Broken Years. Bieber seemed to be a fan of the song, making funny faces and dancing to the music. To further emphasize his appreciation for the Nigerian music star, he also tagged Tems’ official Instagram handle.

This is not the first time a Nigerian artist has achieved global exposure. In recent years, numerous Nigerian musicans have made their way into the international spotlight. Of course, this does not come without hard work and dedication. From promoting their music using social media platforms, to connecting with international stars, artists have had to put in a lot of effort to make their music heard by a global audience.

Tems’ success story, however, is particularly impressive. Her sound is a mix of soulful, groovy afrobeats with traditional afrofusion. The combination of genres has captivated listeners all over the world, and her recent collaboration with Justin Bieber is proof of that.

Watch video below:

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