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Soccer Cities Guide: How to buy Premier League tickets if you’re visiting on vacation



The United Kingdom is home to one of the best sporting competitions in the world, with the Premier League boasting some of the biggest teams and talent on the planet.

With legendary clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, as well as the all-conquering Manchester City, fans have the luxury of seeing the stars in action every week during the season. The league features footballing leviathans such as Erling Haaland, Mohamed Salah and Casemiro, plus many more.

Each stadium possesses a unique atmosphere, with a number of iconic venues worth visiting, such as Anfield, Old Trafford and the state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Here’s the Soccer Cities guide to buying tickets to see Premier League games while on vacation in the UK.

How to buy Premier League tickets

The safest and most reliable method of buying tickets for Premier League matches is to go directly through the club you wish to see.So, that means visiting the club’s official website or contacting the club’s ticketing office directly to make enquiries. You can usually go in-person to a stadium box office, but it is probably worth phoning in advance to avoid making a wasted journey

When planning your vacation, have a look at the Premier League fixtures and see which games happen to coincide with your visit, then you can start the process of getting tickets.

It is usually a good idea to seek tickets well in advance of a fixture, because they tend to sell out quickly.

Home tickets for the bigger clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are usually in high demand, so it may be more difficult to go to such games, but it is worth exploring nonetheless as you may get lucky.

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