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KAA under fire for charging N2 million to teach blogging



Actor and professional blogger, Kel Armstrong Amobi, popularly known as KAA on social media, in one of his recent Facebook posts, said he charges N2 million to teach blogging.

KAA – who is also a writer and the founder of KAATruth -noted that his blogging class is not for people who are still looking for money to eat three square meals a day or people looking for quick money or people with a ‘Yahoo Yahoo’mentality.

He advised people not to borrow money to learn blogging, stressing that blogging is not for “cry cry babies.” He added that blogging has its challenges like every other business.

Consequently, thousands of KAA social media followers reacted to the post, with a few of them castigating him for charging such an exorbitant fee to teach blogging.

One of such people was Daniel Chukwuma Mbah, who called KAA a scam and accused him of hiding his blogs.

“So, you publish content on your blog, both visual and written, then hide the URL so that only you can read what you have posted? How does it sound?”, Mbah posted.

Reacting to Mbah’s post, KAA stated that bloggers hide their blogs from fellow bloggers and not from visitors.

The reason for this, he explained, was that if a fellow blogger finds out that you are doing well, he would visit your blog, copy your content and that will negatively impact your blog, especially if his domain ranks above yours.“This is why my kind of bloggers hide their blogs,” KAA explained. “You may even be a regular visitor of some of my blogs without knowing that they belong to me.”