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‘I was paid $67’: Twitter’s payment of rewards to subscribers sparks varied reactions



Social media giant Twitter, now referred to as ‘X’, has started paying rewards to creators who are Twitter Blue subscribers, using a share of revenue earned from advertisements.

This development is coming a few weeks after Meta’s owner, Mark Zuckerberg, launched a Twitter rival app, Threads.

According to ‘X’, the motivation behind these payments is to make the platform the best place on the internet for creators and to ensure they can earn a living from the app due to their contributions.

To be eligible, users must have subscribed to X Premium (Twitter Blue), possess a verified account, garner at least 15 million impressions on their posts within three (3) months; have more than 500 followers, and must have set up their Stripe account.

The news of the reward has generated excitement among social media users, who took to the app to share their various reactions to the payments.

Reacting to the development, a Twitter user @FotoNugget who confirmed that he has received payment from the app for his contributions wrote, “I was paid $67 for my first X Ads Revenue Sharing.

He continued, “So henceforth when you see “RTs are highly appreciated”, Kindly note I’m serious cus I need it (lol), please press that RT button—it doesn’t cost $0.00 anymore. Please RT and follow me.”

Another user, @Premier_100 tweeted, “I don buy Twitter Blue, na to hustle for 15M impressions remain. So, if you see me chasing clouts or stealing tweets, please don’t say anything ooo.”

@Tee_classicquem1 wrote, “Subscribe for twitter blue. Drop one controversial tweet and get dragged from morning till night. Be consistent with the controversy, the bigger the drag the bigger the money it will yield Hit 15M impression and get paid by Elon musk at the end of the month No pain, No gain..”

“Paying for your twitter Blue is very easy but getting paid for 15 million impressions is the problem😂😂” @GhElon_Musk opined.

@Tinnateim jokingly wrote, “I will be subscribing to twitter blue once I gain enough followers not because of the money but because I like the color of the verification badge.”