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‘I don’t think it works that way, mate’ – Ange Postecoglou gives hilarious response when asked how Tottenham will replace Harry Kane



Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou announced Harry Kane’s departure and responded hilariously when asked for his ‘plans’ to replace the striker.Kane’s transfer status has been one of the most discussed situations of the summer with the star striker linked with German giants, Bayern Munich. The saga has finally come to an end with Kane finalizing his move just two days prior to Spurs kicking off their season, it naturally raised questions about Postecoglou’s plans to replace the England captain, however, the Australian tactician had a hilarious response to the question.”I don’t think it works that way, mate. It is not my wife handing me a shopping list to go and get milk and bread for the kids. Our whole strategy has been around the fact Harry wasn’t going to be around more than likely so it is not like we’ve had a pow-wow this morning and jeez what do we do? We knew it was coming and we’ve been working towards that. From my perspective, we’re preparing for Brentford and there won’t be anyone incomings between now and Sunday so that’s where my focus is.”- Postecoglou, when asked about his plans to replace Kane.It will be a very positive sign for Spurs fans that their new manager has control over his plans for the season despite Kane’s late move, as generally, late transfers can give managers headaches over their team dynamics.