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Ike speaks to Doyin about his time behind bars and how he eventually set himself straight.



Last night, Ike and Doyin had a chat about his family, time behind bars, and how this has affected his personality.

Ike opened up to Doyin about the challenges he faced as he went in and out of the system and how he was able to pull himself together after losing a friend. This story of triumph led Doyin to confess that she is drawn to people who have been behind bars. She also revealed it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for her to be with a man who has seen the inside of a prison cell.

Doyin’s interest in Ike was quite interesting to watch, and we have seen a lot of housemates trying to connect with each other in hopes that they get to have better interactions in the house. In this particular case, could Doyin be interested in pursuing something more with Ike, or was she only being an empathetic listening ear and friend as Ike poured his heart out? Also, would you be into a ‘Doke’ ship?The All Stars season has been filled with a lot of strategic gameplay, alongside human moments of empathy and camaderie. With the high stakes and intense competition in the All Stars season, it is also crucial for the contestants to form alliances and connections to ensure their survival in the game.  We have noticed these survival instincts with housemates including Cross, Pere, Kiddwaya, and Neoenergy, who just days ago had a crucial meeting where they discussed creating a clique with Doyin and Ilebaye. Doyin’s approach seems unique, as she took the time to understand Ike’s past, and actively engaged in meaningful conversation with him. Help us decide, BB Naija fam.

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