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Students worry over tuition costs as UI resumes Monday



Students of the University of Ibadan (UI) have expressed worry over the financial cost of tuition as the school announces a new resumption date.

Following the announcement by UI management to commence a new session on Monday, 21st of August 2023, students who spoke with Nigerian Tribune worry that the potential cost of returning to campus might be unbearable.

Tribune Online student reporter had a chat with some UI students, and they had this to say:

Deji, who revealed how he struggles to pay his way through University while taking on extra jobs to care for his siblings and parents, said: “ I’m not born with a silver spoon; hence I had to do something for myself so that, in the end, I can take care of my siblings and my parent too.

“Even before now, it has not been easy. With the current increase, we haven’t heard anything from UI but from the way things are, what do I do if the increase is similar to that of UNILAG, where do I start from or who do I run to? I’m just putting everything in the hands of God,” Deji lamented.

Another student, concerned about a possible fee hike, lamented, “I feel it’s quite hard owing to the situations on the ground. It won’t be reasonable to resume next week just to find out outrageous fees to be paid within a week or two. I hope the proposed fees won’t stand because UI is the last hope of the common person.”

A student of the College of Medicine also reacted, saying: “My feelings lean more towards neutrality than so much excitement.

“While the prospect of returning to school is certainly significant, I can’t help but feel somewhat apprehensive. The concern primarily stems from the increase in tuition fees and other associated costs because, as much as education is invaluable, the financial burden posed by these increments can’t be ignored…”

A student of the Faculty of Science also reacted, noting: “To me, the resumption date ought not to be announced yet since the payable fees for the session, which may put many people, especially the freshers, under unnecessary pressure, haven’t been announced. I feel the payable fees ought to have been announced before the resumption date was announced”.

While most of the students Tribune spoke with indicated concern for the cost implication of resuming for the new semester, others were enthusiastic about returning to the classroom.

“I actually had no reaction when I learnt about the resumption but I am indeed looking forward to the new session, hoping it would be a good one, ” another social science student disclosed.Amid the economic challenges faced by Nigerians following the removal of fuel subsidy, resulting in increased prices of goods and services, the University of Ibadan (UI) has also announced that staff members work three days a week to alleviate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal.