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Burna Boy Releases Tracklist for “I Told Them…” Album Out Friday 25 Of August



The album itself is a collection of 15 tracks, all of which feature Burna Boy’s unique blend of sounds, as well as several collaborations with other popular African artists. The album showcases the artist’s growth and development as a musician, as well as his ability to work with a variety of genres.

The album’s lead single, Sittin’ On Top Of The World ft. 21 Savage., is a vibrant and upbeat track that immediately grabs the attention of listeners. It is a perfect introduction to Burna Boy’s sound and style, as well as to the rest of the album. Other standout tracks include ‘Talibans II ft. Byron Messia’, a soulful and reflective song about the struggles of life, and “Thanks ft. J. Cole”, a powerful and energetic celebration of life in Lagos.

The album also features several collaborations with other artists, including 21 Savage and Byron Messia. These collaborations are a great example of the strength of African artists and their ability to collaborate and create unique musical experiences.

Overall, ‘I Told Them’ is a great example of Burna Boy’s growth and development as an artist. The album showcases his unique blend of sounds and styles, as well as his ability to collaborate with other African artists. It is a vibrant and powerful reminder of the strength and potential of African music.

1. I Told Them.
2. Normal.
3. On Form.
4. Sittin’ On Top Of The World ft. 21 Savage.
5. Tested, Approved & Trusted.
6. Cheat On Me ft. Dave.
7. Virgil.
8. Big 7.
9. Dey Play.
10. City Boys.
11. Giza ft. Seyi Vibez.
12. Jewels.
13. If I’m Lying.
14. Thanks ft. J. Cole.
15. Talibans II ft. Byron Messia.