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Fans react as Kanayo O Kanayo shares Nigerian, Biafran currencies



Nigerian film industry veteran, Kanayo O Kanayo, stirred nostalgia among his fans and followers by showcasing a collection of old Nigerian and Biafran currencies.

Through a video shared on his social media accounts, the accomplished actor shared a glimpse of money notes from the Biafran War era and the period when Nigeria used pounds before the introduction of the Naira.

Kanayo O. Kanayo revealed that he had carefully preserved these historical currencies in a safe box, aiming to remind people of their cultural heritage and history.

Facts about the Biafran War

He also exhibited cowries and a unique currency called “iron money” (Ego Igwe), which held significance in marrying royalty.

The display was met with appreciation from his admirers, who found themselves reminiscing about the past.

Nna anyi Riiri, na old money be the new update? Make I go scatter my papa cupboard. 
Oh wow…my kids need to see this video..I’m saving it right away… thank you Nna anyi
sagaciousprof_ :
I’m learning, Thank you for this my mentor
The all time money legend
Wow beautiful,I did meet those Biafra money I met 10naria n 5naria

My dad had lots of these but the moment we found them while growing up, we scattered everything

I met the 5 and 10 naira, even kobos. I am old
We need to go back to our dear Biafra and leave Agbado and their Northern allies.
I met the same N5, N10, N20, N50 that he pointed out… Then the coins/Kobo.
Waoo, for the records , historical , that’s why they call you ‘Nnaayi sacrifice’,  those that had it on stories can see it in reality, beautiful archives, nice one Bro.
History is being buried in Nigeria. This is a reminder of who we are, what we are and where we are now
This is lovely 😘😍 My dad use to save all this old currencies.