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“Stop copying Wizkid” – Fans Tell King Fidelity as He Releases New singles



Many have streamed King Fidelity’s songs – averring that the youngster is copying the artistic nature of the Nigerian star Wizkid Ayo.

Fans who want the best for the musician have voiced their concerns, urging him to return to his former musical self to leave a mark in the industry, both at home and abroad.

It’s easy to identify elements of Wizkid’s style in King Fidelity’s music, which has faced criticism recently. These fans, however, are concerned that this imitation hampers the artist’s individuality. They suggest that King Fidelity, who once stood out for his unique style during his time of copyright with bands, should not let his distinct identity slip away.

In a Facebook post, a fan wrote;

“Wizkid Vibes – had time to listen over and over again on this song, “My Favourite Song” by @KingFidelity, is @Wizkid with dollar-store swag. But those vocals? Straight fire! Ditch the wannabe act and rock your own killer sound. Did you really think we wouldn’t catch on? You’re lifting Wizkid’s style like a wannabe Houdini swiping wallets. I mean, it’s so blatant, I’m not gonna lie – I’m vibing with the vocals. @KingFidelity your new song “my favourite” is good and I love listening to all your songs but what I hate most is when copying someone. @kingfidelity you copied @wizkid on your new song (my favourite), stop copying wizkid! be yourself! copying @Wizkid, @Davido, @Burma boy or any artist will not help your music career!“

“This is my humble advice to you as your fans sir. Show us the real deal, We’re down for your

Before this, the ‘Afrobeats’ singer expressed in an interview that he doesn’t perceive any issue with being associated with Wizkid. Instead, he views it as motivation to push himself further and surpass the achievements of the Nigerian star.

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