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I will fight dirty if anyone tries to defame me, Eniola Badmus blows hot



Actress, Eniola Badmus has warned people who are in the habit of defaming celebrities on social media platforms, saying there will be consequences for such action.

The actress said she is ready to fight dirty if any one decides to drag her into the public space with lies.

The chubby actress reacted angrily to negative comments and criticisms that trailed her decision to drag to court a Tiktoker, Nwakaego Okoye, who defamed her on Instagram.

Eniola who was dragged by some socials media users took to her Twitter account to warn others who may want to toe the path of Okoye to desist.

According to her, bullying on social media is one thing; deliberate act of rubbishing people’s image of personality is wrong and should be condemned.

“I will like to address an issue that has been plaguing social media platforms and online communities: defamatory statements about me. How do you wake up, go on social media and pull people down by making false/negative comments about them?

“This is someone you do not even know! Common! You have no single fact/evidence but will sit behind your phones and make a smooth video defaming my personality. Why? When I was a plus size, it was the height of body shaming, now on my fitness journey, same negative comments.

“When I made my political choice, same negatives. Guys, let people live their lives and respect them for it. Some of us have muscle to keep it going, how about those that can’t and silently struggle with depression and low self-esteem?“More often than not, I ignore these comments or don’t even bother reading them but sometimes, it hits badly and you truly and really want to set an example. I am aware that defamation is a serious matter and can have severe consequences, both legally and socially”, she stated.