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‘Jagun Jagun’ brought back my confidence, fame, says Fathia Balogun



Veteran actress, Fathia Balogun shared the many goodness Femi Adebayo’s blockbuster movie, ‘Jagun Jagun’ has unlocked in her life.

During an outdoor gathering that featured the presence of the movie maker, Adebayo, and others, the thespian shared her thoughts.

In the conversation, the actress revealed how she regained her enthusiasm after her involvement in the widely-discussed epic movie.

Balogun mentioned that being a part of the movie had significant effects on her, particularly in terms of restoring her fame.

Despite her extensive filmography, the 54-year-old actress acknowledged that her popularity had diminished over time.However, her portrayal of the character Erinfunto, the wife of Adebayo’s role as the warrior ‘Ogundiji’ in the movie, seemed to have rejuvenated her career.She expressed her deep gratitude for the impact the role had on her, not just in terms of fame, but also in restoring her confidence and rekindling her connection with fans.She assured not only would the highly acclaimed film bring back her fame but also her confidence and fans.

Balogun stated: “Jagun Jagun’ has brought back my confidence. It has brought back my fame. It has brought back my fans.


“I want to thank him (Femi Adebayo) because so many people are there, producers and no one to test you; test your patience, what you can do in your craft. He wanted to see another side of me in my craft.

“I’ve worked with him in so many movies but I think Jagun Jagun is my number one. Jagun Jagun has sparked a new fire inside me, in my acting.”

Adebayo, who was seated beside Balogun while she gave her positive reviews of his work, got emotional; shedding a few tears of joy.