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Portable blasts Lege Miami over comments on relationship with Queen Dami



Popular street-hop act, Portable has taken a swipe at actor Lege Miami for criticising his relationship with the ex-wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo, Queen Dami.

Lege expressed his displeasure over Portable and Queen Dami’s alliance during on the ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast

The entertainer, who is a well-known matchmaker on Instagram, related how Queen Dami contacted him for assistance in finding a partner.

A couple of months ago, netizens were dazed when a video of Queen Dami’s appearance on Lege Miami’s Instagram live hookup show went viral.

He claimed to have introduced Queen Dami to a London-based man, who she ultimately turned down, citing his hectic work schedule as a cause.

Subsequently, he learnt of her affair with Portable while still searching for another man for her.

He said that he phoned Queen Dami to corroborate the allegation and expressed his absolute disappointment over it.He said: “Queen Dami came to me that I should look for a husband. I tried my best to look for a husband for her, I gave her a guy and she said she couldn’t cope with him because of his choked work schedule.

“Till now, I’m still helping her to look for a husband until I heard that she and Portable are dating, I called to confirm.

“I asked, Dami, I heard you and Portable are now lovers. And she said they were still friends and had graduated to lovers just yet.

“Then I asked her if her head was correct or not, insisting she answer if she was having a love affair with Portable. Then she asked me if there wasn’t any problem seeing how much I was interested in having her answer the question. So, I warned her never to come to my page again.

“She now opened up saying, ‘He’s my friend. But if Portable comes now based on the way things are going I’m ready to go for him’.

“So, I told her to stay out of my Live sessions and never come again.”

Portable, however, took an exception to the film star’s remarks and launched a verbal attack at him for exhibiting disdain for his lover.

The ‘Zazu’ crooner tagged Lege ‘set awon online beggars’, accusing him of begging Queen Dami for money and supported his claims with screenshots of their conversations.