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‘I almost committed suicide,’ Iyanya speaks on travails of fame



Nigerian singer Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk, popularly known as Iyanya, has spoken about how he almost committed suicide due to travails of fame in life.

Iyanya stated this in an interview with Taymesan, a.k.a. Temisan actor Emmanuel Ahwieh, on the most recent episode of the “Tea With Tay” podcast.

The singer maintains that he could have gotten away with the suicidal act if not for the intervention of his manager, who suspected he was up to something, as he had earlier called severely and didn’t pick up.

Iyanya admitted that he had already purchased the deadly substance he intended to consume to end his life before his manager interrupted him.

He said, “I almost committed suicide, my manager stopped me; all of that stuff; madness. He had the master key; he had been calling me; I was not picking. He used the key to enter the room, and the first thing he did was to take the sniper from my side.”