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Ilebaye’s been playing victim game, we’ve been fooled, BBNaija’s Doyin reveals



BBNaija All Stars, Doyin has expressed her thoughts on her former friend, Ilebaye’s behaviour.

An argument had ensued between Ilebaye and Whitemoney when the latter turned off the music system after the former turned it on and even amplified the volume.

According to Whitemoney, Ilebaye’s actions seemed disruptive at an “ungodly hour,” prompting him to ask her to lower the volume.

However, Ilebaye insisted that she raised the volume to create a song and believed her actions weren’t bothering anyone.

Doyin, having observed Ilebaye’s actions and her subsequent tears, confided in Cross in the Head of House (HOH) bathroom.

She revealed her suspicion that Ilebaye had been deceiving them all along by playing the victim and garnering sympathy from Nigerians to secure votes and potentially win the prize money.

She said: “Ilebaye has been playing a game. Watch her videos from the Level Up season, she’s not the same person. When I realised her game, I felt so stupid. But it’s too late, the viewers would have given the money to her.

“The first person that told me was Whitemoney, he said in this house, we are much more stupid than we think. I asked him what he meant and he told me to keep watching and I’ll find out for myself.

Reacting, Cross stated: “Goddamn it! Ah han! What has she been through in life to make her this kind of smart? How? At the age of 22?”