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Kie Kie’s motive for splitting bills with spouse ‘negative’ – Uche Ebere



Veteran actress Uche Ebere has chided younger colleague Kie Kie over her ‘negative’ mindset for splitting bills with hubby.

In a recent podcast chat with Toke Makinwa, the skit maker born Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori proposed that married couples ought to divide household expenses.

She specifically emphasised the importance of a percentage-based split, asserting that this “unpopular” approach fosters respect, particularly for the wife, and helps prevent certain negative situations like being ejected from the house empty-handed.

According to her: “See, I’m living in this house; we’re sharing the rent. On my birthday, fly me to Dubai, Barcelona; that’s beautiful. Buy me a Fendi bag or whatever; beautiful. But that I’ll be living in that house and not paying rent, it’s not possible.

“So that when we want to fight, you’ll carry the chair, I’ll carry the television. You’ll carry the roof, I’ll carry the floor. Then we’ll share everything equally. You can’t tell me get out of my house.”

Many reacted to Kie Kie’s stance on bill-splitting between couples with some insisting what works for A’s marriage may not necessarily yield result in B’s.

Expressing her thoughts on the matter, Uche Ebere lauded Kie Kie’s position but faulted her motive.

She argued the content creator’s mindset about marriage was already compromised for harbouring the thoughts of divorce in the first place, noting individuals ought to keep a positive inclination about matrimony.

Ebere wrote: “She spoilt the whole good point when she said, “So when they’re splitting as in divorce or separation, the man will carry this while she’ll carry that.

“So, she’s in the marriage and having the mindset of divorce or separation anytime, which isn’t supposed to be.  Build your home on positivity and that’s it. God is on the wheel.”