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Hilda Baci, Patoranking team up to celebrate ‘perfect’ jollof rice



You Tube has tasked popular chef Hilda Bassey aka Chef Hilda with making the perfect jollof in celebration of “Jollof Month”.

To help her out in the kitchen, Hilda was paired with popular dancehall-reggae singer, Patoranking.

In the introductory video, Hilda said: “YouTube asked me to make the perfect jollof to celebrate the ‘Jollof Month’.

“But I won’t be doing it alone. I have an assistant. I don’t know if this my assistant will choke me for calling him that. But who cares?”

Patoranking arrived and Hilda went to the door to welcome him as they hugged. Then he asked, “Is this another cook-a-thon’.

Hilda let Patoranking in on what they’ll be doing together as she handed him his apron, adorned hers and they got down to work.

While she explained the different brands of rice and what not, she revealed to Patoranking that they’ll be making a unusual kind of popular dish, the ‘coconut jollof rice”.

She expressed optimism that the dancehall singer would certainly fall in love with the end result of the meal.

They eventually began to cook and she ensured Patoranking was actively involved in the exercise, instructing him on what and when to put ingredients into the pot as they prepared their coconut jollof rice.As they cooked, the duo chatted even as Patoranking cleared and washed used plates. Along the line he decided to sing a song, dedicated to him mum.

Finally the meal was ready, the coconut jollof rice with grilled turkey and fish.

Hilda dished some portion of rice for the singer who protested the quantity as being small. So she added more until the plate until it was a heap.

Time to have the first taste, Patoranking decided to dip the spoon into Hilda’s plate, scooped some rice and fed her. She confirmed the food was delicious.

Immediately after, he helped himself to a full spoon of rice and piece of fish.

He decided to place Hilda on the edge by putting up some act when she requested for his verdict about the meal.

He turned around as one heading for the sink to spit out the content in his mouth. Suddenly he stopped, turned the other way, facing her and declared, “The coconut is coconutting now”, to the utmost relief of the chef.

He added: “Ladies and gentlemen, the coconut is coconutting. It’s giving me Tropicana vibes “