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Businessman and Chairman of Almubee Group Gifts Mohbad’s Wife N2M, Offers Son Scholarship



Mubarak Abuche, the Chairman of Almubee Group in Nigeria, presents N2 million to Mohbad’s wife and offers a scholarship to their son from nursery to university level.

In the middle of the turmoil surrounding the singer’s death, the businessman provided a token of solace to the mourning family.

Confirming the report, a well-known event host, Big Smart, stated in an Instagram story post that he had contacted the businessman, who cooperated and disbursed the financial gift to Mohbad’s wife.

On top of that, their five-month-old son is offered a scholarship up to the university level by the car dealer, Almubee.

The gift has already warmed the hearts of Mohbad supporters, who have expressed gratitude to the Chairman of Almubee Group for the great donation.