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I never knew poverty until I married my ex-hubby – Iyabo Ojo



Actress Iyabo Ojo has claimed the only time she got exposed to poverty was when she married her ex-husband, Ademidun Ojo.

The mother of two recounted living in affluence from childhood to early adulthood till she met her ex-partner.

She also outlined some facts she learned about life of the poor when she started dating Ojo during an interview with Toke Makinwa.

She said: “I went to my husband’s house for the first time when we were still dating. I didn’t even know there was something like ‘face me I slap you’.

“See, sometimes, don’t blame the rich when they don’t understand the problems of the poor.

“If I never went to National College, I don’t know how God prepared my life. I probably won’t understand what poverty is all about. I won’t understand why people are shouting every day.

“In my house in Obanikoro, number 2, Fawole Lane, we had an industrial generator. I never knew there was anything called ‘up NEPA and down NEPA’. Once the light goes off, it comes back on like in one second.

“My granny was like one of the richest women in those days. I had a car to myself that took me to school and brought me back

“The only time I experienced poverty was when I married my ex-husband. Initially it was fun. It was some sort of adventure.

“You know, when I clocked 18, I had an account opened for me. Because my grandfather had done his will in a way whereby money was paid into our accounts as grandchildren. So, I had money.

“You can imagine as at 1997/8, I had over a hundred and something thousand in my account.”

Though she admitted to having enjoyed a life of wealth growing up, she noted she never received the attention she very much desired.

“I mean I didn’t know what they called poverty. I was never broke. I just never had the attention I wanted. I never got the attention based on the kind of parents I had,” she added.

Iyabo married Ademidun Ojo, a clearing and forwarding agent operating at Tincan Island, Lagos in 1999, when she was 21 and took a break from acting almost immediately.

She welcomed a son, Felix and daughter, Priscilla in 1999 and 2001 respectively from the marriage.