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Mohbad’s Dad Looks On as Woman Explains Reason Singer Bent Head in Coffin: “Pastors Did It”



The death of talented singer Mohbad, has continued to raise controversies online, especially because of how he was placed in his coffin. Recall that photos and videos had made the rounds of the deceased singer with his neck bent inside his coffin.

Mohbad’s father present as woman explains how late singer’s neck got bent inside coffin.

In a new development, a video has now surfaced online showing the music star’s father present as a woman explained the reason for his bent neck.

The video which was taken at Mohbad’s father’s residence showed him looking on as the woman revealed that pastors were the one who made the late singer’s neck bend.

According to her, the pastors in church raised the singer’s head to pour anointing oil on it like they usually do in Cherubim churches. The woman explained further that the singer’s head bent when the pastors dropped it back. The interviewer behind the camera then told the woman that everybody knows that dead people usually become stiff after they pass on. To that, she replied that it’s not all dead bodies that get stiff like that.


Read some of their comments below: stringzman: “Pastor won anoint dead body to wake up Abi? This mommy needs to be investigated, baba wey dey talk before sef don gentle.” yemiajideebony:

“I think the mistake the father made is not realizing his Son is a public figure, as a man of God, he may just have taken solace in the fact that God giveth and taketh, and truly in Yoruba land, a young boy such as his Son, they believe it is untimely death and shouldn’t be a ceremonial burial, they call it ” Oku Ofo” . Just that the Man didn’t realize his Son is a celebrity and has lots of Fans. Mohbad has never said anything bad about the father, but in all God will reveal the truth.” olorodemuyiwa: “This stepmother just dey lie. Her son said na them bend d neck because of the casket small. Now she won defend her own son dey mention pastor.”

caring_mide2: “Liar !!!! The God of cherubim and Seraphim will fight you woman.” akejuma3′: “Gbogbo yi ni were honestly, which kind explanation be this?pastor won pure anointing oil neck break .his father and stepmother self needs to be arrested.” iam_ascom: “This Matter go Long Ooooo.” sekinatu_bola_fasakin: “But his brother said different things about not buying right size of the casket, hmm this family.” modeldeee: “This matter go long aje……. how can you say no be all dead body dey stiff ?”