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Mohbad: Nigerian Man Vows to Give Late Singer’s Wife N10m if She Carries Out a DNA Test for Her Son



A Nigerian man has come forward to challenge the late singer’s wife, Omawunmi Aloba, to prove the paternity of her son, Liam Aloba. In a trending video sighted by the elderly man explained why it is important for the late singer’s wife to prove her innocence amid the controversies surrounding her husband’s death.

He noted that a DNA test would be of no harm when compared to the trauma she would face from the accusations against her. The man also vowed to give the child N10 million if the DNA proved he was the singer’s son.


@MurthadaO: “She has everything to gain if she does DNA test.” @OceanicK4J: “WF! Where is Naira Marley and Sam Larry?” @PAUL_MONEY_1: “@VeryDarkMan3 come ooo see aproko here and there is another one I am looking for that says mohbad had another baby with another girl in his home town.”

@austylno3: “Assuming after DNA the child belongs to someone else what’s your benefits, you plan waking Mohbad to tell him or what.” @ChukwumaChibuzo: “The benefit is that little fortune Mohbad made will not be used to train another man’s child whom d father is perceived to have a hand in Mohbad’s death and on unfaithful wife.” @haywhy1345: “Do your own DNA too sir, to prove you’re your father Son! Leave d girl out of this… u can investigate but don’t drag her! Even the mother, the father, the Marlian crew are suspect but enough of dragging her, spouses have fights nd say a lot of thing they didn’t mean to each other.”

@Kelvin_Stone_: “What’s so difficult about DNA test if the lady is actually innocent. This could have been a different situation if Mohbad truly had a dad. Not that coward that calls himself his father.” @cossbee: “We are fighting against bullying, & so we go after Samlarry & Naira. We are also trying to get Justice by getting d killers, & that’s where all d family & friends of MohBad comes in. If I am to say, it’s more important to catch d killers rn than the bullies.”