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Iyabo Ojo Slams Nigerians Requesting DNA Test for Mohbad’s Son: “Let Her Mourn, Stop Bullying Her”



Popular actress Iyabo Ojo has addressed Nigerians calling for a DNA test to be carried out on Mohbad’s five-month-old son, Liam.

During her recent Instagram live session, the actress revealed that a thorough investigation is going on to unravel the cause of the singer’s death and distractions are not welcomed.

Iyabo added that it was not the place of people to make such a request but Mohbad’s parents, who were still grieving the loss of their son.

She also urged Nigerians to let Mohbad’s wife mourn her husband and desist from distracting important things with requests bordering towards bullying.

While some Nigerians agreed with the actress, others said the request would not hinder any ongoing investigation. Read some comments gathered below: chyomsss: “Mummy tell them ooo especially that broke d!rty muscular guy that refuse to keep his gutter of a mouth shut.”

ayzne_: “Majority of people asking for DNA test are not even sure if their dad is their real father.” derickdacapodi: “Normally, DNA should be part of investigation except the police don’t know their Job .. FULLSTOP.”

officialbluetherapy: “School them Mama. Imagine strangers asking for DNA test on a child that his father didn’t reject. The ridiculousness of it all.” cravingsbylilly: “Let’s say she does the DNA test so what then? She should carry it on her chest and go on live to show Nigerians that Liam is MOHBAD son? Because Nigerians have been the one feeding MOHBAD & his family.”

josmarybanegas: “Madam DNA test is needed if you truly want justice there’s no distraction anywhere if we keep facing one direction‍♂️ let us be transparent and do the right thing or did mohbad also ask us for this or his family imagine catching the killer and the child is not even for him.”