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BBNaija Kess’ Wife Lambastes Christy O: “A Pastor’s Daughter Lying and Sleeping With My Husband”



BBNaija Level Up star Kess’ wife, Angel, has continued to drag her husband and his colleague Christy O for sleeping with each other. During an Instagram live session making the rounds on social media, Angel disclosed that she had confronted Christy O about how she feels she has been sleeping with her husband.

According to Kess’ wife, Christy O assured her that there was nothing going on between them because she has her own boyfriend. Angel also said that Christy, who is a pastor’s daughter, told her that there is still hope and love in her marriage with Kess.

Angel said:

“This is the same woman who wished me a happy birthday to my face, this is the same woman I confronted in the living room and I said ‘this is what I’m feeling’ and she said ‘I understand how you feel but there’s nothing going on between me and him, I have a boyfriend’ and I said ‘this is my last trip here, I have a little bit of hope left’ after I said that, she followed with ‘not just hope, but love’. You were fu-cking telling me that I have a little bit of hope left after that you followed with I have love and then you were fu-cking my husband.

What kind of a sick b!tch would condone having sex with a married man and then telling his wife to her face ‘hope and love’? I wish to die right now for that lie. A daughter of a pastor would lie through her teeth that she’s not fu-cking my husband but there it is on the texts all over.

Reactions as Kess’ wife reveals how Christy O lied to her

Kess’ wife’s video on Christy O’s affair with her husband got many Nigerians talking. Read some of their comments below: Marygold_ogunwa: “And this woman even fine pass Christy o Abi Christy Y.” officialnanajoy: “Same Christo who said that Tbaj hustling spot is at Famcity, i thought she was a saint.” gbasgbos247: “I still don’t believe this story shaa remembering the kess we all watched inside house..whatever it is make una settle offline and stop disturbing my ear drums.


“To even think that sir Kess was even pretending to be a loyal husband on their level up season. In this life, Fear pretenders.” nosipho.phakathi.180:

“Karma has everyone’s address . Christy O has bashing housemates abt being not beautiful asking if SA has not makeup artist only for her to to be embarrassed …she deserves it Ashawo olosho market.


“Nigeria women really fuel the rubbish naija men do… karma… when it gets to your own home, the world will ask you for evidence after evidence… this lady even seems gentle.. he is lucky she isn’t the black…


“Show us evidence. Ma’am.” lilis._world: “Wow Christy o wey be like Saint?!! Things dey happen sha.