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“Mohbad’s Wife Is Trying to Frame Me,” Primeboy Breaks Silence, Calls Out Wunmi in Viral Clip



Ibrahim Owodunni, better known as Primeboy, finally speaks as he shares his side of the story about the tragic death of his friend, Mohbad. During an interview with TVC, Primeboy revealed that he never received an invite nor a call from the Nigerian police to come in for questioning over the tragic death of Mohbad.

He also clarified that he was with Mohbad on the day he died, and all the reports about him fighting with the singer were lies.

“Mohbad’s Wife is trying to frame me” – Primeboy says

Primeboy, during his interview with TVC, made some shocking revelations as more information about Mohbad’s death leaked.

He revealed that the last time he was with Mohbad on Sunday, September 14, 2023, he and his Wife had an intense quarrel.

“Wunmi was the one who hurt Mohbad” – Ibrahim makes a stirring revelation

Prime further revealed that Mohbad was hurt by what his Wife did and that, at some point, he wanted to get out of the car. But he was the one that prevented him from leaving.


He noted that the struggle described as him and his friend fighting was when he tried to stop Mohbad from leaving the car amidst the quarrel between him and his Wife.

Ibrahim further stated that he didn’t understand why Mohbad’s Wife decided to go online and incriminate him as if he had a hand in the death of her husband.

@progress_palmer1: “Nigerians and emotions almost eat very dark man up,they better invite d wife for questioning,run d dna and if possible check their phones(both d wife and this his friend) they should check their conversation with Mohbad, anyone with deleted or cleared messages should b the number 1 suspect.” @omarneee: “This matter need drilling, truth go come out, all these interview inside AC no dey bring truth.” @habiluv01: “Hmmmm everybody’s calling the wife police should interrogate her.”


“Nigeria police is playing games.” @paltonie: “His wife will answer questions.” @unusual_rita: “Wife hmmmmmmmm.” @nwaruuche: “What issue was Mohbad having with his wife that day? That his wife has plenty questions to answer.


“The police ‍♀️ should also invite Mohbad wife .”

“They should invite the wife and explain Wetin really occur jare the matter longanf police no invite someone before declaring him wanted mtchww‍♀️.


“You can interview this one but naira and Sam Larry una no fit interview them make all of Una they play.” @peteru_official: “Emotion and hypocrisy is what will finish us in this country, @verydarkblackman talked about this they almost ate him up,now the most wanted guy is pointing fingers to the wife maybe we are close to the end of this case just maybe.