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“I Don’t Like People on Twitter”: Burna Boy Points Out Worldwide Social Media Nuisance



Multi-award-winning Nigerian musician Damini Ogulu, best known as Burna Boy, has publicly stated his distaste for Twitter users and generally tagged them as “mad.” In an interview on Henrie’s hotline Kiss FM, the Last Last singer was asked what he would like to bring for discussion, and he immediately declared his hatred for all  X (formerly known as Twitter) users.

He stated that he initially assumed the strange behaviour was peculiar to Nigerian users and might be different in other countries, but he later discovered that the same trend remained true in Kenya, South Africa, and the United States.

“I don’t like people on Twitter. I used to think it was just Nigerians on Twitter that were just MAD. Then, I now want to go to Kenya. I saw that it was the same thing. I went to South Africa, I saw that it was the same thing. I went to America; they have their own group. That if you go, you’ll see all of them tagged. It’s a worldwide pandemic and phenomenal.

Burna Boy’s heaters for Twitter sparks reactions

See how netizens reacted to his assertion: @WonderInco20117: “It’s the accent for me no be like some mumu faves way dey form fake accent ND e no dey enter. Oluwa burna can easily switch from British to Nigerian impeccably.

@UnclePamilerin: “Twitter is not for the weak, if you do anyhow you go collect.

@Godsxy18: “As it should be . Not for the weak. Burna sef talk am.” @topensyy: “We don’t like him too. Rema is a better singer, dancer and performer.” @Billionairelola: “My younger brother says he is not emotionally strong to be on Twitter. It’s not a place for normal people.