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Primeboy’s Mum Cries for Help, Says He’s Innocent in Mohbad’s Death: “Don’t Let Me Cry Over My Son”



Following Primeboy’s arrest and statements on social media, his mum cried out for help in a video.

The woman claimed to be Primeboy’s mum and assured netizens that he is innocent and has nothing to gain from killing his best friend, Mohbad.

She added that she has always struggled to raise her kids and is just a petty trader selling rice outside her home. Primeboy’s mum added that the stand she displays her wares on was built for her by Mohbad and Primeboy because they are both her sons.

Lamenting over the fact that she was not able to enjoy her labour over Mohbad, the woman begged Iyabo Ojo and other notable people not to let her lose her first child as well. Primeboy’s mum also begged Nigerians not to let her son pay for a crime he did not commit.

jesse.akpabio: “Did you cry out when your son fought and killed his best friend?”

mcbabafela: “To everyone who prefers jungle justice as against the actual truth, I hope karma visits you soon.” gift_stunning: “He fought his best friend and unfortunate he unalived the next day ma..if na u too you no go gree ma.

feskid_: “This mohbad matter long gan, but all I know is that Naira Marley is innocent. But for the bully, he must be punished.

twis7010: “He’s a bad friend. How do you fight your destiny helper ? From all indications Mohbad was drunk, he should’ve just avoid the whole situation and leave him.

” mentor10_: “That boy fit be innocent, but government would not talk truth, cause I don’t really know why dem go interview only that boy, without agbaya sam Larry & Naira ” bobbyslime90: “Naira and samlarry got locked up you think prime will be set free like that ok Dey play.