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Go Hustle, Stop Fooling Yourself Online”: Carter Efe Tackles Verydarkman Over Hangout With Davido



Nigerian skit maker and musician Carter Efe has harshly criticised and insulted popular social media user  VeryDarkMan in a live broadcast after Davido entertained him in a luxury Lagos hotel.

After Davido booked an expensive hotel suite for the TikToker and sponsored him from Abuja to Lagos, he became a viral discussion online.

The young man also shared videos of him partying with Davido and Cubana Chiefpriest, which likely triggered the anger from  Carter Efe to pounce on him. The comic creator suggested that the TikToker should focus on finding a more productive occupation instead of seeking attention on the internet.

Carter scolded VeryDarkMan for online spats with skincare dealers and manipulating Mr. Ibu’s health condition for clout. He also mocked the viral dark man, implying that he was shameless and only happy because Davido, his age, had paid for a luxury hotel room for him.

“Idiot, very foolish boy, a mature man like that dey behave like that, dey come online dey fool himself every time. “When your mama and your papa don come outside come beg, you go understand, sheybi Nigeria don give you a platform, you say you no do advert, make dem just continue to dey feed you, make dem just continue to dey dash you money,” Carter lashed out in parts.

Carter Efe’s calling Verydarkman sparks massive reactions online

See what netizens had to say:


“This life ehn. People Dey quick forget say dem sef just escape poverty by luck or chance. Who are you to judge him with your tap mouth.”


“I’m not even a verydarkman fan but Cater this is too personal. Wetin de guy do you? If I no send person no matter wetin e do e no fit vex me reach like.”


“I just Dey wait for verydarkman response, u go soon learn the hard way.”


“All I can hear is pain, cry bro!!! Like you didn’t rise from the gutters too? No be same Nigerians give you platform too? Na because you never meet OBO.


“Since you both are in Lagos rn, make Una meet up for better fight. We’d come watch, gladly.” the_real_tobe_official: “They are both in Lagos now, make una paste location so una go fight man to man. Make I go book flight ticket to Lagos, I dey come.


“If you know say Verydarkman fresh pass Cater when he never blow gather here .”