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Portable 1st Wife Bewaji Cries a Storm Following the Romantic Reception Singer’s 4th Baby Gave Him



Nigerian singer Portable’s first wife, Ewatomi Omobewaji, has spurred reactions online with her recent social media post.

Bewaji Instagram posted a post depicting her current emotional state shortly after a viral video showed the Zazu act and his fourth baby mama in a romantic cosy room.

A few minutes later, the love-infested clip trended; Portable’s first wife took to her Instagram story to share a crying emoji and express her poignant thoughts.

Omobewaji cried out to God and begged Him to remove all her pains and make her happy forever. She went on to advise herself on preparing her mind for betrayal at any time since anyone can betray anybody and won’t recall the good things you’ve done for them.

Her first Instagram story post read:

“God, You are The One Who The Only One Who Knows How I Feel Inside Me Right. Remove All My Sorrows And Make Me Happy Forever.” Her second post read: “Train Your Mind To Be Ready For Betrayal Anytime At Anytime, Anyone Can Betray You. They Won’t Even Remember The Good You Have Done.