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Tyla Hits 1 Billion Views on TikTok With Smash Hit ‘Water’, SA Celebrates: “She Deserves It Fully”



Tyla has been collecting those wins. The singer’s smash hit Water has achieved a major milestone on TikTok.

Water reached over 1 billion views

The song gave Tyla instant global fame. The numbers speak for themselves, and she has made the nation super proud.


According to @AfricaFactsZone, the song has achieved over 1 billion views on TikTok. This is a tremendous win for the South African music industry.

Mzansi reacts to yet another big win for Tyla

Although a huge chunk of people are immensely supportive of Tyla, some are crossing their fingers that she does not produce just one hit. Others are curious to know more about the singer and would like to know more about her music. @collinscollin77 said: “Hope she doesn’t end up being a 1 hit wonder.

@TerGundu lauded: “Amazing! Congratulations to her.” @IFaskye said: “Huge congratulations to her.” @Docktus_ said: “It has been a massive hit.” @Bigjaywiz said: “I’m happy I know that the world is categorizing her music in all platform and all countries over the world as an Afrobeat music not the other way round.” @tomsaison said: “She’s so gone, and she deserves it fully. Now for us that are here in the Ah. Level up, the tide has risen. It’s up to you whether you catch it or not.