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“I Give You 24 Hours”: Samklef Calls Out Davido Over N1 Million He Owes Unilag Student Since 2020



Popular Nigerian music producer, Samklef, has now accused Davido of owing one Mastermind, a Unilag student, N1 million since 2020. Recall that Davido recently trended online after a businessman, Abu Salami, accused him of owing N218 million over a business deal. In the wake of that drama, Samklef also took to social media to call out the DMW boss

On his official Instagram page, the music producer gave Davido an ultimatum of 24 hours to pay up the young lad. According to him, the singer has been owing Mastermind since 2020. Speaking further, Samklef revealed that he had reached out to Davido’s manager, Asa Asika, over the issue to no avail. The music producer promised to drag the DMW boss if he failed to return the Unilag student’s money.

He said:

“Abeg anybody wey know Davido, tell am say I give am 24 hours to pay Mastermind the N1 million wey e don dey owe my boy since 2020. Since 2020 e don dey owe Mastermind N1 million and this boy dey suffer. I don reach out to Asa (Asika) but I realise say you join confra because you wan dey oppress people, anytime dey call you out, you dey feel say u get upper hand. 24 hours if you no give Mastermind him N1 million, me myself you see this page, we go drag am, I go drag you.

Not stopping there, Samklef added that Davido has been oppressing people even though he’s meant to be the role model. According to him, the singer feels like he is above the law because he knows people.

In his words:

“You’re supposed to be celebrating your time right now, you know say u just born, you suppose to dey peaceful dey celebrate but you dey everywhere and na you con find my tail. We are fighting for justice for the common man, you’re supposed to be a role model to other people but u go dey oppress people because you feel say you dey above the law because you get connections, no worry, dey play.

See the full video below:

Reactions as Samklef calls out Davido

A number of social media users reacted to Samklef calling out Davido on behalf of the Unilag student he owed N1 million. Read some of their comments below:

mrs_fadda_faddaz: “Person Dey use power oppress people ona nor want make another person talk about am because na celebrity, God go judge all of ona oo.” ojeseme_1: “Most of Una Dey really see celebrities as God we are all humans no body is perfect celebrities too Dey fck up sometimes but bcs of Favoritism na u no go want see anything wrong with their doings until of them do u strong tin or someone close to you.


“David stop dragging your name to the mud. Recently there has been lot of complaints about you owing people and refusing to pay. You big pass all these nonsense. When you do deals with people pay up don’t be rich online and owing debt offline.

” Dkingofafrica:

“How many people say Davido dey owe dem money like dis..justice for Davido.


“As long as it’s davido , he’s right . Davido can never be wrong.


“Oga go rest abeg, people dey talk of 218M u dey talk of one million.

” st_xxl007:

“If Truly David is owing this guy, he should Pay, 1 Million naira in 2020 is 2.7 million naira today, we should leave hypocrisy behind, David should pay Abeg.” tinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny: “Me I no fit shout justice for anybody oh , who want him money make he go court.