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“Many People Have Copied My Moves”: Rema Says Some Artistes Do Not Give Him Glory, Fans React



Talented Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor aka Rema, has now claimed that many artistes copy his moves. The youngster who spoke during a recent interview with Rolling Stone explained that these artistes who copy him do not give him that glory but he is not disturbed by it.

According to Rema, he is actually flattered when people copy him because it shows that he brings something to the game.

“Even though some artistes would not give me that glory, I know how many people have copied my moves and I’m flattered by it, it shows I’m bringing something to the game. The hardest part about that thing is sometimes they don’t even give you time to dwell on that fresh idea you just thought about. When everybody is on it, if you’re that guy, you just have to create something.”

Fans divided as Rema claims some artistes copy his style

The video of Rema speaking about other artistes copying him soon went viral on social media and it sparked a debate. Many netizens claimed that Rema was actually the one copying other artistes while a few others acknowledged that the singer has a unique style. Read some of their comments below:

6xselina: “Sharap, which moves, the legwork wy u dy dance, nor be person bring am…Since u start to dy smoke trees, u dy go off line.” yc_bitcoin: “Example …. Rema we wanna party … everybody con Dey use ham.” badboysmithh: “Y’all saying he’s sounding like someone are very funny tbh… when rema came out Nigerians were finding it so hard to accept him, we wey accept an accept am, if he’s sounding like someone in the music industry already why una no accept am when e burst? Bro is different asfff una go die if una wan die this is FACTS.”


“Him self copied big wizlife no balance.”


“Well , I don’t think so , the person that should be complaining should’ve been omah-lay , every kid is sounding like omah lay right now , but his not even talking.”


“Actually everybody copies everybody as long as the music you make is in the mainstream there as to be at least one person copying your style out there everyone is guilty it’s normal.”


“To be honest some of these upcoming artist copy Rema’s style , i could remember when they said he’s sounding like INDIA now they are copying this sounds, the way he dresses and all… REMA IS THE KING OF THIS GENERATION ❤️ BELIVE IT OR NOT !!!”


“Blackface needs to hear this and stop giving us all the complain that people are using his sound, sound that we’ve never heard of.” Uzoma_duke: “So when black face talk em own na noise em Dey make because em no get money as na rema his making sense.

” Thisislezzy:

“But last time I checked you also copied wizkid to blow to this level, because even when I heard your dumebi for the first time I thought I was wizkid song I vibing to, and I know I’m not the only one that thought the same.

” miriskiigonhard:

“Niigga you be combination of wizkid and burna brrr like you’re literally the one copying like especially wizkid.