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Simi Blasts Female Pastor for Advising Girls to Ditch Their Natural Hair for Wigs: “God No Send Una”



Nigerian singer Simisola Ogunleye, best known as Simi, has recently taken a strong stand against a female preacher’s counsel to ladies regarding their natural hair, which caused quite a bit of controversy online.

The female pastor, preaching on the importance of looking presentable, encouraged the congregation to abandon their natural hair in favour of wigs and weaves.

She explained that it is best to get comfortable with one’s natural hair when they are married; by then, they have attracted a suitor.

The preacher, wearing a long, expensive wig, urged the congregation to spend more money on wigs and look good because women’s natural hair offers no advantages. Her goal was probably to make women feel more beautiful and attractive, but her message came off as judgmental of those who promote African natural hair.

The Duduke hitmaker, known for her outspokenness on social media, felt compelled to respond to this post. She noted that in places where dark-skinned women are prized for their beauty, whitening creams make up a disproportionate share of the skincare market.

The problem, according to Simi, is not with individuals but with the norms and expectations of society. She emphasised that the female pastor, as a public figure, had an obligation to set an example for her congregation.

In the singer’s words: “Even when you hide self-hate inside “good advice”, it’s still self hate. This is why 90% of skincare products in countries full of beautiful dark skin girls/women are “whitening creams”. And girls are told that the hair that grows out of their hair is not special enough. It’s not that you’re not good enough, it’s that they said you’re not good enough. She’s on the pulpit too. A role model. Lol. Wetin God no send una, na hin una like to dey do.”

Netizen react to Simi’s post Royalng captured some reactions below: @Amaka_Ege: “Madam, you’re simultaneously missing the point while also rocking a bone straight wig. Rest.” @ThisIsLagosCity: “Excellent counsel, except as the old adage says, action speaks louder than words! To thyself be true!” @KneWKeeD: “Honestly, many Nigerians start out with self hate and then work their way up to loving themselves. Primary and secondary schools also promoted self hate with regards to black hair and skintones. Til date, I still hear pple say “dirty black” ‍♂️ It should be a slur.

@DiceOfTruth: “When you realise that God makes no mistake…But someone claiming to represent him tells you your natural hair is not good enough while wearing the hair she bought, you can see the problem.What next, find yourself a God fearing BBL surgeon?” @allytunbosun: “Someone can be on the pulpit and still need healing from plenty of things!”

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