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Popular Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh, has caused a stir among her social media fans after revealing the footwear she would like to wear to heaven.



On her official Instagram page, the mother of one posted a video of rubber flip flops, better known as ‘dunlop’ slippers in Nigeria, being displayed in a show-glass at a fashion store.

In the video, the price tag for the flip flops were pegged at $1200, approximately N1.2 million naira. The handler of the ‘footwear’ in the video was also seen displaying the qualities of the rubber slippers with relish and bending it to show it’s durability among other things.

Taking to the caption of the video, Tonto Dikeh who seemed quite amused by the display, shared her candid thoughts.

She wrote:

“I have finally found the slippers that will allow me see the gates of heaven.”

See the video below:

Nigerians react to N1.2 million ‘dunlop’ slippers Tonto Dikeh wants to wear to heaven 

The video Tonto Dikeh posted of the N1.2 million rubber flip flops left many netizens surprised. A number of them could not reconcile how the cheap and common footwear in Nigeria was so expensive and also being displayed with such fanfare.

Read some of their comments below:


“If Nigeria was a country we should be producing and exporting these slippers.” zinnychocolate:

“If I buy am, na my wedding shoe be that shikina.”


“Omo bathroom slippers is bathroom.. no matter how they rebrand it.” samchez_official: “No be our bathroom slippers be this?”


“So what is it doing that other flip flops cant do? i thought they will show me it wears itself on ur leg and when it gets to where i want to raise my leg it will instead increase its height and lift me Nonsense and ingredients.”


“This rebranding is not changing anything when it comes to we Nigerians o…na Dunlop slippers be that… nothing anybody wan to tell us.” ucpurpose: “Celebrities will soon start buying it and making it a trend. I won’t be surprised. Just let one of them buy it, others will join. The cost price is always the attraction for them not the beauty.”

iamdavidolajide: “Person wey dey collect salary no fit buy this one, except you dey see awoof money.”