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“Speaking Up Against the Tithing System in Nigeria Made Me Poor”: Daddy Freeze Spills



Prominent Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze finally opens up about his travails at the hands of Nigerian Christian clerics.

Freeze recently shared how he lived in fear some years after he spoke up and slammed the Nigerian tithing system.

He noted that almost all the most prominent pastors in Nigeria slammed him for saying the Nigerian tithing was wrong.

Daddy Freeze reveals how he became poor

The media personality noted during his interview with Iyabo Ojo how the Nigerian pastor made life a living hell for him.

He shared that calls were put through to top places ordering that he shouldn’t get gigs, jobs and sponsorship deals because of his comments about “tithes.” Daddy Freeze revealed that at some point, he thought he was going to die or get killed. He also shared that they bent on making him poor, and it wasn’t spiritual but physical attacks. The media man noted that it was at this point he realised that it was a business to these people.

Netizens react to Daddy Freeze’s revelation

Here are some of the reactions that Daddy Freeze’s interview stirred online:


“Why do Nigerians always have a problem with paying tithe.”


“Omo thing went go far.”


“Omo, these pastors are criminals. They won’t read this to their congregation. “Eat with ur household.” Even mentioned fermented drinks.”


“Shey white people dey pay tithe?”


“Tithing was for the levites not for Christians , I don’t see where the Bible said we should pay to pastors.”


“He is yarning trash , even here in Germany we pay our tenth , they take it directly from salaries, stop capping nonsense cos of Nigeria poor mentality.”


“Looking forward to this one!


and Queen mother


make an amazing team – it’s going to be both fun and enlightening.”