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Alleged Chat Between Davido & Larry Gaga on Reasons He Arrested Abu Salami Leaks: “He Disgraced Me”



Nigerian singer Davido has now explained why he arrested Abu Salami, a photographer who accused him of owing him money.

On Tuesday, Davido detained Abu Salami for signature forgery, cyberstalking, and cyberbullying, as Royalng had previously reported.

The businessman was seen in police detention in photos that circulated on social media. The news of his arrest divided netizens, with many accusing Davido of abusing his influence and using it to intimidate others.

In an alleged leaked discussion with Larry Gaga about the debt saga that has been making the rounds online, Davido said that Abu Salami disgraced him in front of the entire nation. He claimed that he could not relish the birth of his twins because of the contentious situation.

According to the conversation, Davido claimed that Abu Salami called his father and abused his sister, whom his dad does not play with, and even his late mother. The musician stated that his father told him not to pay any money and instead to take the case to court to be settled. See the chat below:

Netizens react to the alleged chat between Davido and Gaga

compiled the reactions below: myaddictiontale: “You couldn’t celebrate the birth of your twins properly but you were trolling Tacha and Phyna just a day before this exposé. Manipulation at its best.”


“My dad this my dad that, gerat you no get level your father is not among the top richest 1 million people in the world rest Abeg!! I wonder if you were the prince of Saudi Arabia people no for drink water keep cup for ground, rubbish.” hypefroshnation: “To una way Dey attack Davido no be him talk say make una family Dey poor and no be him talk say make una no get backbone and no be him talk say make una no get glorious child from una family and if u think someone can come and put the name of ur family to gutter and remain silent that makes u the ba*******Trd of the family so keep ur misyarn to unaself and work on your family issue.”


“My Dad this, my Dad that, wahala fir who no get rich dad.”


“Kai!I just Feel for this guy…. The jealousy and hate on him is too much.”


“Omo private conversation una still le@k am, make OBO try work on his circle. He barely has any privacy.”


There is a way the world works, if you don’t understand it, you will think everything starts and ends on social media. When someone owes you, you file an action against him. When you drag the person continously on social media then you are cyber bullying the person. The moment you start cyber bullying someone you begin to commit crime and that’s why he is in the police station ANYWAYS.