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“Our Heaven Is on Earth”: Cubana Chiefpriest Says As Pastor Tobi Marks Birthday With Luxury Cars



Popular Nigerian socialite, Pascal Okechukwu aka Cubana Chiefpriest’s birthday message to Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, has caused a huge social media stir.

The controversial UK-based Nigerian pastor clocked a new age on November 11, 2023, and many of his fans and followers took to social media to celebrate him including the celebrity barman.

Pastor Tobi marked his new age by holding a luxury car rally which involved many expensive sports cars, especially Ferraris, cruising the streets with people looking on in awe and making videos of the procession.

Taking to his official Instagram page, Cubana Chiefpriest shared a video of the rally and accompanied it with a birthday message.

In the caption, the socialite noted that he and Pastor Tobi’s heaven is here on earth. He went on to advise people not to hate on them but to join them so they can show them the way. In his words: “My Pastor @tobiadegboyega_ & Our Members, Our Own Heaven Is Here On Earth, Prosperity Is When The Pastor & His Members Are All Super Rich & Happy. If You Like Dey There Dey Hate No Come Join Us Sing Alleluia Make You Fit See Road Follow Us Ball. More Life PT The Man With The SOLUTION.”

Cubana Chiefpriest’s goodwill message to Pastor Tobi caused a stir online. Many Nigerians also asked questions. Read some of their comments below:


“Who else saw what’s written on one of the cars.. hire me . No go kpai yourself oh, na mostly rented cars.”


“Heaven has never been on earth don’t let stupidity make you talk anyhow. The main Heaven is for who truly believe.”


“Honestly chiefpriest is too lousy can’t you be like Obi your boss.”


“Nigerian Christians will say it’s Church of Satan Suffer na I.D Card of Nigerian Churches.”


“How can somebody tell me? This man is a pastor?”


“Be like the God way this pastor day worship different from Nigeria pastors Own .”


“These cars are rental cars though the tried to rent only Lambo.”


“Wetin concern the gospel and rented cars.” efalebo: “How do you think antichrist will be.”