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“U Don Turn Label to Football Team”: Portable Shares Another Artist’s Freestyle Video, Fans React



Singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable Zazu, is again making headlines as he reportedly signed a new artist named Wealthkid. recalls reporting that Portable made headlines after he unveiled two singers on Monday, November 13

In a new video he shared on his Instagram page on Tuesday, November 13, Portable was spotted with Wealthkid, who was seen performing his freestyle at the singer’s bar.

The Zeh Nation label boss also told Wealthkid that grace would locate him soon.

While Portable didn’t indicate whether Wealthkid was his new signee, many of his followers have stirred different speculations.

“@iam_wealthkid You’re good to go bro Jah bless your Hustle no be today Grace go locate you soon ZEH NATION Many Many Inspiration,” Portable wrote in a caption.

Watch the video below:

Netizens react as Portable reportedly signs another artist

Some people laughed over Portable’s video as they said he was signing the bike men in the Sango area of Ogun state.

See some of the reactions below:


“To see bike man for Sango go scarce gan.”


“Record label wey everybody Dey manage he reach portable turn you turn am to football team.”


“Na youngidu we Sabi nor be all this once.”


“Another artist signed ZEH NATION many many inspiration.”


“Portable don turn all Sango bike man to Artist to see bike man for sango go hard gan ooooo.”


“Una wan turn this welder to singer again.”


“As babalawo don Dey zeh nation like this na pastor remain.”


“People for your record label plenty pass police.”