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Bobrisky: Drama As Benin Youth Stage Protest Against Crossdresser in Edo State, Videos Trend



Controversial crossdresser Okuneye Idris, better known as Bobrisky, over the weekend, caused a buzz after he shared a video of him and his crew arriving in Benin, Edo state.

In the short clip, the crossdresser was seen bragging about his flamboyant lifestyle as he also made a remark about the Oba of Benin.

Benin Youth react to Bobrisky’s presence in their state

Following the crossdresser in Benin, a series of clips of Youth protesting against Bobrisky’s presence in their state emerged online.

In the clips, the youth, who were mostly men, were seen chanting in groups as they ordered Bob to leave their state.

A placard carried by one of the protesters described Bobrisky as a bad influence, who shouldn’t be allowed into Benin.

The protesters, however, appeared to achieve their aim as a male voice in another viral clip announced that Bobrisky had left Benin for Lagos on a flight.

Slide the post below to see the clips

Royalng also recalls reporting a viral video of some ladies taunting Bobrisky at a hotel.

People react to protest against Bobrisky’s presence in Benin

Royalng compiled some of the reactions that trailed the video, with some netizens criticising the protesters’ actions.

See the comments below:


“Sigh.. When are you guys going to protest about the dilapidated state of the roads in Edo state?”


“At least they have sens3. What talent is Bob coming to showcase there? What positive impact? Let’s stop celebrating n0ns3nse.”


“Let’s stop celebrating nonsense good one!”


“But they couldn’t protest about the hike in price of fuel ,misplaced priorities.”


“Dollar high, no protest! Fuel cost, no protest! Bob enter Benin, dem carry placards… Buhari wins again.”


“Benin no be Lagos way una dey accept nonsense oh my town Benin 2sec everywhere burst.”