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“Mohbad’s Father Has Refused to Come Pick His Body”: Police Confirms Autopsy Results, Shares Details



The tragic death case of young artist Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, has taken a new turn as the Nigerian police finally spoke about the singer Mohbad’s autopsy result.

According to a report made by Linda Ikeji’s blog, the Nigerian police are done with their investigations and autopsy inquest into the cause of death of the young singer.

The report also revealed that the police are ready to release Mohbad’s body for his final burial rites.

However, the body can only be released to the late singer’s father.

Mohbad’s father has refused to collect his son’s body

It was further revealed in the report that the singer’s father is the one delaying the burial rites of his son. The police confirmed to Linda Ikeji that Mohbad’s father has refused to apply for the pick up of the body.

It was stated that Mr Joseph Aloba had insisted that until a DNA test was done on Liam, Mohbad’s son, the burial rites would not hold.

This statement came out after Mohbad’s mum had accused the father of collecting the singer’s body and refusing to release it for its burial.

Read details of the full report below:

See how netizens reacted to the report

Here are some of the reactions that trailed the comments made by the police:


“After everything if Liam turns out to Mohbad’s son I hope that man never set his eyes on him again, as in take him far away from him.”


“So technically na the wife dey delay the burial.”


“Why the DNA ? A child Mohbad accepted when he was alive. So if the dna comes out negative now it means Mohbad has no child to bear his name again ? This man need to think before talking. In my culture if a promising child like Mohbad die without a child they will even marry a pregnant woman or someone who has given birth already just to retain the name.

This is the only thing we can use to remember him forever and this man is fighting against it.”


“I’m a mum & wife .DNA should be mandatory..if the man insists on a DNA so be it.”


“So this girl won’t do this DNA ahhhh she is a cheat nothing anybody wants to tell me oh because why can’t she do the DNA she has nothing to say.”


“Any lady who’s mad and against the DNA test should never be trusted by her husband.”


“You said your husband is the owner of your son and you don’t wanna do DNa ahaha what a world.”


“The Father has the right to do so, a man lost his son and buried him, you all dragged him online and disrespectfully dug out the corpse to make a case out of sentiments, now the case is useless and you want to bury the body back after subjecting it to a degrading autopsy.”


“But mohbad’s father can be used for the DNA test now..”


“So he held the corpse of his son to ransom because he wants the DNA of his grand child…. It is well!”


“Pray make m@d man no born you o.”


“Is DNA test a crime why are you all coming for the father.”


“She should allow for a DNA , what is she afraid of? So the dead can Rest In Peace.”