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“She Said I’m a Slave to My Oga”: Isreal DMW Finally Opens Up on Broken Marriage, Spills Details



After weeks of suspense over how his marriage to Sheila Courage crashed, Davido’s logistics manager, Isreal Afaere, has shared messy details online.

In a post on his Instagram page, Isreal revealed he met Sheila, a pastor’s daughter, at evangelism, an untouched woman, but that didn’t guarantee she wouldn’t be deceptive and ungrateful.

He detailed how he changed her life by becoming friends, to settle down together. Isreal bought his ex expensive clothes, shoes, bags, hair, and phones before marriage.

Things went south when, after the wedding, which had Davido and other prominent people in attendance, Sheila wanted to set standards for Isreal despite everything he had done for her.

How did Davido contribute to the marriage?

Isreal revealed the singer cancelled a N140m show and spent N30m just to show up at their wedding in Benin. Yet, Isreal’s wife called him a slave who derived joy in begging his boss even though she received N500k from him when he first met her, and she confirmed she wanted to marry Isreal.

He added that Sheila discredited him with Davido and would go around sharing chat and claiming the singer didn’t like him. Isreal tagged Sheila and her parents as gold diggers, revealed how they extorted him and would readily sell their daughter to the next higher bidder.

The logistics manager also cursed his ex-wife and any other man who gets with her.

See Isreal’s post below:

Reactions to Isreal’s post


“Before she met you,she knew your kind of job,so why is it now a problem to her for being humble to your oga… why should she be ashame of what is putting food in her table. My gender be doing the most.”


“I knew from the onset that the girl wasn’t into the marriage, atleast a woman should’ve been proud of her husband, she hardly post juju, I Dey fear who no Dey fear women.”


“I think say nah joke wetin be this again. Juju that girl supposed give you one pikin before she move out of ur house, after all the money you spend it can never be me.”


“That country don’t know what’s LOVE , even parents no Dey love if you’re not rich and siblings sef go sweep you under the carpet if you’re not rich, Nigeria’s definition of love is MONEY. DEY PLAY.”


“Had to calm down to read to see you met her 2022! Just or less than a year relationship before marriage?! Juju you sef get hand for this matter. You were obviously drunk in Martel of love.” obikang_peters: This is serious. I pray you heal from the trauma this must have caused you juju