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BB Naija: Emotional moment ozo hugged Nengi in the HOH lounge(Video)

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Many people have been talking about Ozo and Nengi’s private moment in the HOH Lounge for the first time in this week. It was surprising because Nengi has actually been coming out of her shell lately. There is a saying that an attitude is just like a smoke, it can never be hidden for long. No matter how hard Nengi wants to pretend that she does not love Ozo, the truth is coming out already. Her actions are now contradicting what she is saying. She keeps rejecting Ozo but what just did in the HOH Lounge is enough proof that she is all over Ozo already. 

Ozo has initially proposed to Nengi after his diary session with Big Brother but Nengi turned him down as always. But, this time, it was a little bit dramatic because Ozo confronted her and told her that it is very obvious that she loves him too. He told her that if she does not actually love him, she would have left him long time ago. And, she would not be angry at him whenever he snubs her. Recall that Nengi burst into tears few days ago during her Diary Session with Big Brother because Ozo was avoiding her in the house. She literally cried her ass out because Ozo refused to talk to her. No friend can ever cry that much because she was snubbed for few days. She told Ozo that she actually missed his company.

Big Brother gave Nengi the privilege to pick two housemates who could visit her in the HOH Lounge for the week. She was very excited to hear this and she immediately picked Ozo. She said Ozo is the only housemate that she would compromise her game for in the house. She said that Ozo is a genuine man and men like him are very rare to find in the world. She was blushing in front of Biggie as she talks about Ozo. 

Immediately she got out of the diary room, the first thing she did was go straight to where Ozo was sitting and told him that she has a surprise for him. Ozo was very happy and he followed her. They got to the HOH Lounge and Ozo was initially scared to enter when Nengi invited him because he could get his final strike and get disqualified from the show. Neo advised him not to enter but because of his love for Nengi. He says if Nengi tells him “Pink” is “White”, he will never doubt her. So, he followed her into the room.

When they got into the room, Nengi closed the door and told him that Big Brother has given her the privilege to allow Ozo in the Lounge as her visitor. Ozo was very happy to hear this. Nengi approached him and hugged him tightly. Ozo seized the opportunity and started kissing her from the neck. It was very romantic and after a while, Nengi opened the door and told him that they are done.

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