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BB Naija:”Kiddwaya bragged about having a strong voting team outside, but still got evicted”.Nengi told Vee

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Camera captured Nengi and Vee having a conversation at the garden,after the live eviction show.

This was how their conversation went.

Nengi: this show is so unpredictable.The people you predict to be weak contenders, turns out to be strong.

Vee: seriously, it marvels me. Prince is a vibrant guy no doubt. But,Kiddwaya’s eviction came as a big shock.

Nengi: i didn’t see Kiddwaya going at all. Well God is in control.Despite ,all his brags on having strong team outside to keep him. Yet, he got knocked out.

Vee: Exactly. I am just going to enjoy my days with ease. it is not easy.

Nengi:That reminds me,I don’t understand how we got into a fight. Can we not fight again please?

vee: yeah ,but the first fight was necessary.So we can know our boundaries.

Nengi: the way people where rejoicing when Ebuka brought up the fight issue.

Vee: everyone knows for sure. Well, no worries. We won’t fight again when we leave this house. And i am grateful to God for keeping me till week 9.

Nengi: yeah, i am so grateful to God for getting to this point.

Vee: i don’t think anyone would forget the top 7 contenders,even though i get evicted today. But i hope to reach the top 5.

Nengi: For the first time,you and Neo didn’t fight yesterday. i can see some maturity.

( Laycon walked in and joined the conversation as camera cutted)

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