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BBN: Erica refers to Kidd -Waya as her husband.

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Yesterday night when they were about going to bed, Erica announced that it’s time for her to go to bed. Trikytee asked her if she was going to sleep in their room. She said yes, since her house husband is not around , she has no other choice than to sleep alone.

She further said that since he is not around and she can’t go and sleep with him in the HoH lounge, she has to sleep alone.

Trikytee laughed and called her The Wayas.

Here is the conversation:

Erica:I will soon sleep though . .

Triky: In our room?

Erica:Yes…since my house husband is not around.

Bright O: you say?

Erica: Since my house husband can’t sleep in the house and I can’t sleep in his house as well.

Tricky: The Wayas.

Well, it seems our dear Erica has secured a future with Kidd Waya in her head.

Let’s be watching.

Photo source: Twitter .

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