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BBN: “No matter what you have, people know what they want” -Laycon speaks on Kidd’s surprising exit

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The Big Brother Naija Show witnessed a turnaround on Sunday night after popular billionaire’s son, Kiddwaya, was evicted from the Big Brother’s House. Prince has been tipped by viewers of the Show, and it wasn’t surprising to see him gather the fewest number of votes. On the other hand, Kiddwaya’s eviction was the most surprising moment of Eviction this season as many considered Kiddwaya one of the candidates to make the Top Five.

The eviction came as a surprise to most Housemates as well. Trikkytee, Vee, Nengi, all claimed not to have seen it coming. During their conversation on what they feel about the whole eviction process, Laycon gave his opinion on Kiddwaya’s exit. He reiterated: “no matter what you have, people knows what they want”.

This expression is witty but it’s however directed towards Kiddwaya who every Housemate believes to be rich and influential. The personality of Kiddwaya is open for all Housemates to see, as they don’t need Google to check who he really is. Kiddwaya consistently talks about his family background and affluence, as well as the national impact of his father, Terry Waya.

Laycon believes the viewers are not interested in your riches, if your personality is not what they want then it’s not you. Laycon is tipped as one of the Housemates that has the potential to win the Show in a couple of weeks time

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